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    August 2015

    To Whom It May Concern

    Re: CAM Construction & Painting

    When Park Place at Regency Park filed a lawsuit for construction defects, the assumption was that it would take only 18 months to settle. The Board of Directors had interviewed and hired the general contractor in anticipation of a start date shortly thereafter. Almost four years later, Park Place finally had a settlement. The construction manager (RFI Construction) updated the specifications and the bid process for contractors started all over. CAM Construction & Painting was one of those companies.

    As you may know, when it comes to any large construction project, it is imperative that the Board interview companies that present a clear and concise scope of work and assurance that the job will be done in a professional manner. I have been involved in other construction defect projects and never have I experienced a company as efficient, professional and incredibly diligent as CAM was.

    As soon as the bidding process was over and a scope of work completed with a timeframe, a Town Hall meeting with residents was held. Not only was Cesar Mendes, President of CAM, present at the meeting, but his supervisor and project manager were also present. The project cost was just under $1 million that included displacing residents for days at a time and accessing interior units. A detailed schedule was prepared of when each building would be repaired, copies of which were posted on the clubhouse door; mailbox clusters, garage doors and mailed. Notices were posted on doors days in advance, and an on-site supervisor contacted every resident during the construction process. An office was set up in the clubhouse where the supervisor was accessible every day.

    In over 23 years of managing homeowner associations, this was the first major project I have been involved with that went so smoothly and where I wasn’t spending every moment making sure the job was being done well and on schedule. Out of 142 condos with well over 250 residents, I received exactly 3 calls from unreasonable people that CAM just could not satisfy. CAM not only took care of unreasonable residents, they always made every effort possible to accommodate schedules. All of CAMs employees were polite; careful with personal possessions and were able to make the residents feel safe and secure.

    Finally, not only did CAM complete this major project efficiently, they finished before the projectred completion date and under budget! How many large projects can boast about that? Anyone that has the privilege of working with CAM can be guaranteed of a qualified and caring company, with equally qualified and efficient personnel.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Mimi Menzies, Senior Association Manager

    The Management Trust, Kocal Division


    The performance of CAM Construction and Painting on the major exterior renovation here at Harbor Oaks Apartments, approximately $3.5 million for full reside, new trim, new windows and sliders has been excellent since the project began.

    Your company came fully planned and prepared to start the project and this was and still is reflected in your daily workmanship.

    I would without hesitation recommend CAM Construction and Painting to other potential clients.


    Demmon Harbor Oaks Partners, LP
    Project Manager / Harbor Oaks Apartments

    Home Owners Association at Park Place

    Our Home Owners Association at Park Place hired CAM to rectify the construction defects of our units and repaint our entire development. To the board, after comparing the bids, CAM clearly stood out to us as the company we wanted to hire unanimously. Their experience, demeanor and competitive pricing made our decision easy. Working with them has been a very good experience. First, in my own unit, they did such a good job that I wish they could have painted my entire unit. They were quick, neat, on time and in our meetings to go over their work, they very respectful and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable having them do the work in my home while I was away.

    Also, being on the board, I was aware of some challenges with owners who were resisting having work done in their units, and CAM’s courteous, direct and wise approach circumvented some difficult situations. This earned my respect and trust, which for me, takes a lot to achieve. To sum up, they’ve been clear communicators, maintaining expected timelines, and done excellent work. I highly recommend them to anyone considering using their services.

    ~Melany Miners, secretary of HOA Park Place

    October 29, 2014

    To Whom It May Concern:

    The Swallows Nest Homeowners Association has had a good working relationship with CAM Construction and Painting since 2012. They have performed several construction projects in our community both large and small, simple and complex.

    We have been impressed with the quality of their work, their timeliness, and good communication procedures during the projects. When a project required a change while underway, CAM always contacted our review team and explained the reason for the change and documented the associated costs. With this system in place, change orders were easy to track and reconcile with their invoices. As Treasurer I especially appreciated this as it made my job easy when it came time to approve the invoices.

    In summary, I recommend CAM Construction and Painting for any construction, rehabilitation, or painting project you might need. I feel they provide a quality product delivered in a timely and professional manner.

    Please feel free to contact me at (916) 548-2945 or via email at rfwebb@sbcglobal.net if you should have any questions regarding CAM Construction and Painting and the nature and scope of their work performed at Swallows Nest.


    Rick F. Webb, Treasurer

    Board of Directors

    Swallows Nest Homeowners Association

    Oak Crest Village HOA

    Dear Cesar:

    We wanted to take this time to thank you and your staff for the fine work you did on the 54 homes in our Phase 5 Wood Surface Repair Project. We especially want to thank Bill Shewman and Alex Lapatin. They both went way beyond the norm in working with our Facilities Committee Members and in keeping our residents happy. We commend their willingness to go the extra mile in dealing with the individual demands of our residents.

    We are very happy with the quality of the work your company performed on our project. You are the first company to ever propose alternative methods of repair that resulted in cost reductions for our HOA. For that we thank you!

    We look forward to receiving your proposal for inspections and repair of our 32 Phase 2 homes early next year.

    Once again thank you for the excellent work your staff performed for our association this year.

    Sincerely yours,

    Paul Schubring,
    Oak Crest Village HOA Board of Directors.